Kat O'Connor oil painting figure water

Luminous Will (SOLD)


Kat O'Connor oil painting night swimming figure

Night and the Quiet Ripple


Kat O'Connor oil painting figure water hair

Out of Water (SOLD)


Kat O'Connor Oil painting figure water red hair

Arguing the Lost Edge


Kat O'Connor Acrylic painting figure Isola Bella

Isola Bella


Kat O'Connor acrylic painting figure gold background



Kat O'Connor oil painting figure pool cannonball



Kat O'Connor oil painting



Kat O'Connor girl by pool oil painting



Kat O'Connor girl goggles pool oil painting



Kat O'Connor oil painting self portrait grisaille



Kat O'Connor acrylic painting self portrait

Salt (#2)


Kat O'Connor girl pool goggles oil painting

Emerging. Falling. One and the Same


Kat O'Connor girl round pools night



Kat O'Connor hurricane pool chairs night Florida

Hurricane Pool, Homestead (#1)


Kat O'Connor boy float ocean Florida acrylic painting



Kat O'Connor girl head pool oil painting

Quiet Information (SOLD)


Kat O'Connor Oil painting figure water

Epic (SOLD)


Kat O'Connor oil painting figure water

The Song is Scattered, Bits of Voices Only Occasionally Circling


Kat O'Connor oil painting water figure underwater

Three Wishes


Kat O'Connor oil painting figure water

Diving with a Single Memory of Rooms


Kat O'Connor acrylic painting figure red background

Passage (Red)


Kat O'Connor oil painting figure red bikini

In the Well of Catherine


Kat O'Connor oil painting square water diving figure

Square Dive


Kat O'Connor oil painting splash pool water

The Open Gate


Kat O'Connor oil painting male figure swimming pool



Kat O'Connor Night Pool oil painting

From the Other SIde


Kat O'Connor girl backflip into pool oil painting



Kat O'Connor girl floating in water oil painting

Light Above


Kat O'Connor night pool oil painting

Twilight Curve


Kat O'Connor girl pool distortion oil painting



Kat O'Connor nighttime pool acrylic painting

Twilight at Tom and Isabelle's


Kat O'Connor girl floating pool

Dreaming in Pieces


Kat O'Connor oil painting figure pool Narcissus night

Narcissus and the Night Pool (SOLD)

In the spring of 1995 I took a trip to Marfa, Texas with my husband and father-in-law. We hiked around Big Bend National Park and visited Donald Judd's Chinati Foundation. While both interested me, swimming alone in the hotel pool at night would influence my work for years to come. That quiet pool of light in the desert has become the subject of numerous poems, stories, and paintings.
The paintings are not portraits, but studies in which solitude is solace. Water and light become buffers, allowing the viewer to stand outside the subject, to watch from the protected darkness, the way we view film. We become voyeurs to these moments, when the subject is surrounded by water, encased in it, needing air and light. Until we have taken that first gulp of air upon surfacing the outside world does not exist.
The figures shown are all family and friends, the pools are from locations in Massachusetts, Florida, New York, Arizona and Greece. One of the paintings shows chairs thrown into a pool in preparation for hurricane Bonnie in Homestead, Florida. Another shows reflections in a pool of lily pads. I paint in Oil, Acrylic, and Watercolor, as each medium inspires me to handle an image in a different way.