Kat O'Connor oil painting figure swimmer ocean Aegean

First Mile in the Aegean

Kat O'Connor lily pads flower oil painting

Unfurling, #1

Kat O'Connor ocean sky acrylic painting

Blue, #1

Kat O'Connor blue water lily flower watercolor painting

Blue Sky Lily

Kat O'Connor water lilypads Florida oil painting

Blue Expanse

Kat O'Connor waves watercolor painting ocean

Waves off of Halibut Point

Kat O'Connor water fields cowboy alfalfa oil painting


Kat O'Connor light pool rocks Sabbaday Falls New Hampshire oil painting

Sabbaday Falls Pool

Kat O'Connor Koi fish pond watercolor painting

Big Orange Swirl

Kat O'Connor lily flower pads pond watercolor painting

Vertical Lily

Kat O'Connor boats mist lake Sherman Ridin' Hy New York oil painting

Morning Mist, Lake Sherman

Kat O'Connor water lilies flower oil painting

Unfurling, #2

Kat O'Connor Ocean blue acrylic painting

Blue, #2

Kat O'Connor lily pads watercolor painting


Kat O'Connor lily pad pond flower oil painting

In the Quiet of Morning

Kat O'Connor ocean wave acrylic painting


Kat O'Connor ocean boy float sunset acrylic painting


Kat O'Connor pool Sabbaday Falls New Hampshire water rocks acrylic painting

Pool, Sabbaday Falls

Kat O'Connor koi pond fish watercolor painting


Kat O'Connor lily pad flower pond oil painting


Kat O'Connor dawn lake mountain sunrise oil painting

October Dawn, Lake Sherman

Kat O'Connor bud lily pad pond oil painting

Strong Light, Yellow Flower