Kat O'Connor dogs field sunset silhouette oil painting

Dog Days

Kat O'Connor parade costumes oil painting

Men in Masks, Moving Away

Kat O'Connor self-portrait oil painting

Lost Edges

Kat O'Connor hurrican preparations chairs in pool Homestead Florida acrylic painting

Hurricane Pool, Homestead (#1)

Kat O'Connor irrigation man water alfalfa oil painting


Kat O'Connor 1966 Mustang acrylic painting

White Mustang

Kat O'Connor wedding couple blue sky elderly oil painting

The Second Wedding


It would have been impossible for me to resist exploring these situations in paint. The figures/objects are often moved from their original context so that I can explore what I saw in the image. That is often times very different than a 'photographable' reality. These are paintings of how I experience the world.